360m Mission - to help Hi-Tech companies and Startups to succeed!

Data-Powered Holistic Approach based on360m Company Scanner® tool & Scan . Plan . Achieve methodology

360m is a synergetic team of senior experts, ex-CEO/VPs, with global leadership experience in a variety of domains, in startups and big companies. We guide companies on the path to maximizing their potential for success by leveraging our knowledge and skills.
“We’ve been there”- we lived through exponential growth, multiple challenges, and crisis times, seen multiple success and failures, and we bring you all these lessons to help you leverage the successful strategies and avoid mistakes.
Harnessing our extensive experience, we've developed tools and methodology specifically geared for evolution path and challenges of technology companies targeting international markets.



Keys to successThe path to success is paved with multiple obstacles that can prevent a company from achieving its goals. There is no room for trial&error, especially in the current challenging economy. Only laser-focused strategy and exceptional execution will enable companies to survive and succeed.
The strategy should focus on sustainable business growth and profitability based on the proven marketability of the products, with efficient operations harmoniously scaling up in all dimensions.

How we can help you360m's foundation is real-life experience, practical approach, methodology and tools. Our know-how in global tech industry helps companies to optimize their potential and avoid costly mistakes.We work with companies on building Business Strategy focused on product marketability and translating such strategy into Practical Action plan, helping along the implementation. We also support companies in the fundraising/M&A processes, helping with preparation and connections with potential investors and acquirers. Our vast global network enables us to facilitate the Business Development activities for our customers, connecting them to relevant partners and customers.  Read more...





Our Methodology and Tools

Our S.P.A (Scan.Plan.Achieve) methodology is based on holistic approach, guiding companies from building business strategy to its practical implementation starting with immediate steps, covering all domains of company operations.
Our unique Company Scanner® provides 360° quantifiable insight of the company strengths and weaknesses on 14 dimensions, including Management, GTM and Sales Strategy, all aspects of Execution, etc., enabling Data-Powered optimization of the company operations and preventions of potential devastating effects of hidden weaknesses.Read more...

Why Choose 360m

Holistic Approach

We use a holistic approach to identify and solve complex business challenges

Domain Experts

Our team includes domain experts from a variety of disciplines with global experience


Methodology & Tools

Our Company Scanner® and S.P.A. process pave an efficient path to success 

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