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360m COMPANY SCANNER® for Data-Powered Strategy & Execution

About Us

Surviving and Succeeding in current challenging economy is all about focused strategy, effective execution, alignment and performance excellence. Investors are no longer ready to invest in loss-generating growth and expect a viable focus on profit and business opportunities.
360m Mission is to help Hi-Tech companies and Startups to succeed!
We are a synergetic team of experts with global Hi-Tech experience, leveraging our unique Company Scanner® and methodology to maximize companies’ potential for success. 360m introduces a holistic approach with innovating methodology and tools.
The 360m Company Scanner® covers 14 dimensions, providing 360° quantifiable insight of the company strengths and weaknesses in professional and soft aspects, including Strategy, Product, Management, Business and Execution, HR, Alignment and more, serves as basis for Data-Driven decision making and strategic planning.
Our experts are ex-CEO/VPs covering all main disciplines of business operations - Strategy, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Success, Operations, Finance, Fundraising, Storytelling and more. This enables us to tailor optimal solutions for goals and challenges of companies or investors.
We work with the companies, providing guidance and hands-on support to ensure progress and success, helping the teams to gain the insights and skills required to continue their journey to even greater achievements.In addition, we help investors to maximize the success potential of their portfolio by providing decision-support insights for the evaluation process and working with the portfolio companies to increase their chances for success.

Company Scanner® - MRI for companiesEnabler for Data-Powered Strategy and Execution


360m = Experts + Methodology + Company Scanner®


Why Choose 360m

Holistic Approach

We use a holistic approach to identify and solve complex business challenges

Domain Experts

Our team includes domain experts from a variety of disciplines with global experience


Methodology & Tools

Our Company Scanner® provides holistic analysis for Data-Powered decisions 

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Technology Companies

    Crossing successfully the times of economy challenges

    Attract investors and increase evaluation

    Maximizing company potential for success

    Effective scale-up

    Increased revenues & profitability


    360m Insight-based investment

    Reduce time to validate successful opportunities

    Optimize growth of portfolio companies

    improve ROI on portfolio

Our Team

360m experts see as their mission to raise the odds of success in Hi-Tech industry. They help companies and investors to reach their goals by leveraging tens of years of real-life international experience in all domains. Our team members held variety of C-level positions in many Hi-Tech companies and now bring all their knowledge to the service of others.


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