360m Services

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    From Winning Strategy to Practical Action

    Clarity and focus on the company direction and product salability, translating it into effective plan and making it happen, starting with immediate steps and quick wins. This program is supported by the 360m S.P.A Methodology and Company Scanner tool.

      Crystalized offering & differentiation
      Path to the salability of your products
      Focused strategy for growth & scaleup
      Practical action plan and implementation  
      Management team alignment on goals and way to achieve them
      Getting ahead of risks and challenges 
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    Support for CEOs: “don’t be alone with your challenges”

    We bring you tens of years of experience in CEO and executive roles, collective industry learning from variety of successes and mistakes in global markets, giving wide and objective perspective.

      Guidance on business growth processes
      Prevention of costly mistakes and severe risks
      Support in dealing with uncertainty and crisis
      Tools and help in the effective work with the board 
      Guidance on driving the organization to execution excellence
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    Fundraising / M&A assistance 

    Creation of a compelling pitch story, connections to Investors and support through the fundraising process

      Creation of the Pitch story and Pitch deck with sharp clear messages, encompassing all the information expected by the investors
      Getting the Startup in front of the relevant potential investors 
      Guidance and support through the fundraising process
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    Efficient Operations & Execution Excellence for Scaleup and Growth

    Operational excellence is critical for ensuring customer satisfaction, holding to the achieved market share and creation of the positive brand image. All these in turn are critical for the business growth and success.Holistic and agile program, equipping the team with tools to leap forward, building strong scalable organization and preventing “weak links”.  This program is based on the 360m S.P.A Methodology and Company Scanner tool.

      Scalable organizational structure
      Management practices
      Cross-organizational work processes
      KPIs and measurement framework 
      Vertical and horizontal alignment 
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    Business Development and Holistic Path to Market entry/expansion

    We work with companies to build an efficient path to the new markets or market expansion and help with market connections leveraging our extensive international experience and network.

      Framing the “attack plan” for the target markets
      Creation of business opportunities through 360m partners around the world 
      Help in establishing relationships with potential customers, and engaging with strategic partners
      Building an encompassing and realistic program covering all aspects underpinning the lasting market success