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360m Offering


For Technology Companies:

Our team guides and actively supports the company on the journey to its goals, utilizing the 360m Company Scanner®.
Winning Business Strategy - clarity and focus on the company direction, strategic goals, key steps and risks on the way there, definite decisions on What To Do and What Not To Do
Surviving the Hard Times - getting the company ready to the challenges of the economy crisis times and crossing them successfully by ensuring maximum operational efficiency and right business focus
Efficient Scale-up and Growth - innovative holistic and agile program, equipping the team with tools to leap forward and prevent “weak links”
Holistic Path to New Markets / Launching New Products - encompassing and realistic program covering all aspects that have to addressed to ensure successful roll-out
Build Attractive Story for Investment - for startups at fund-raising stage, we propose creation of a compelling strategy, messages and business model for the pitch, plus guidance on appealing Storytelling.


For Investors:

360m helps Investors to reduce the risks of funding and improve potential return on investment by providing supporting the decision making process prior to investment and working with portfolio companies post investment. 
Investment Decision Support by Company Evaluation - a holistic review of the company using the 360m Company Scanner® to provide the Investor insights on the company operations
Growth Path for Portfolio Company - helping the company to leverage the finds received in an optimal way towards their goals
Getting Portfolio Company Ready for Hard Times - helping the company to achieve focus and efficiency required for crossing successfully the the economy crisis times
Turnover for Portfolio Company - helping the company to get holistic insights into obstacles that hold it back and help to overcome them to reignite growth


The excellence of our services has been proved by the following awards.

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    Right direction

    Quantum is rated in the Leadership across four major industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Telecom, and Industrial. We are proud to be a top engineering services and products provider across the globe striving to use technology to its fullest potenttittal.

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    Get Funded!

    We have deserved to be named one of the best web design companies in the US. Their annual research evaluates each company’s depth of focus in their area of expertise, as well as the company’s proven ability to deliver results for their clients.

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    Business Growth

    Our company is glad to be recognized as Innovations Leader staying at the forefront of innovation. We play the main role in helping business owners and large organizations to drive their business, increase profits, and stand out from the crowd.

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    Operational Excellence  

    We are honored to receive a Communicator Award for the Legal Media website. This is the leading and one of a kind in the world awards program which recognizes great and perspective ideas in marketing and communications.

360m Offering

Services for HiTech Companies and Investors

Improve your business efficiency

You have to be a step ahead of the competition to survive in the ever-changing business world. You may face new challenges each day. Our company can offer you a wide range of business consulting services which can help your business run more efficiently, avoid risks, reduce costs, and gain more profits. Our professionals will easily help you achieve your objectives.

  • "During our project, Quantum was extremely adaptable to the majority of changes that happened, while staying focused and efficient. Additionally, Quantum had a good understanding of our business processes and technology environment, which has offered us the added benefit of not disrupting our own staff during the integration."

    Amanda Peterson, Marketing Director at Fresh Food Co.

Data-driven solutions

Digital business models are mainly based on data exchanges, which are now a background for running a digital business. Our company provides professional data employment of tablets, desktops, and laptops for clients all over the country. Our team of expert engineers and a devoted project planner will successfully plan the deployment and integration of your appliance.

  • "I have no words to describe the competence of this company! They have expertise in every aspect of my business. Thanks for your help"

    Patrick Pool, CEO at BigBiz CO.

We create awesome things

Our creative and experienced Company is proud to provide professional web development and mobile application services. We have a team of award-winning web designers and developers passionate about creating something special for each client. We aim to make useful innovative products which are easy to use, look great, and work really well.

  • "I was happy to work with Quantum! Their efficient solutions helped us to improve a plenty of business processes"

    Anthony Brown, Project Manager at StarBiz Co.