Methodology & Tools  

“Trust the Process”

Sam Hinkie, Philadelphia 76ers GM

S.P.A Methodology

Our structured process is aimed to crystallize the company goals, generate a practical plan to translate the strategy into actions, make it a reality while accelerating business growth and building the execution excellence and scalability. Our holistic approach addresses both business and operational aspects, aiming to ensure the salability of the company products and the ability of the organization to deliver on the promise and grow.


360m Company Scanner

MRI for Companies - Holistic Insight into Company Maturity 

Our unique Company Scanner® provides 360° quantifiable insight of the company strengths and weaknesses on 14 dimensions, including Management, GTM and Sales strategy, Execution in all aspects, Process orientation, HR, Alignment and more, enabling Data-Powered optimization of the company operation Operational Maturity, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses.The insights produced by the Scanner highlight the “hidden landmines” that can prevent the company from achieving its goals and should be handled as an integral part of the company strategic and tactical plans.  
The Company maturity is assessed at the Scan stage, the Plan stage outlines the target level of performance and the activities required to achieve them, while at the Achieve stage the improvement progress is periodically assessed and further action is defined.